Kingsbridge Heights Bronx - Photo #19 - Jerome Park Reservoir Gatehouses


Superstructure of Gatehouse No.7, Jerome Park Reservoir, Goulden and Sedgwick Avenues, Bronx NY, March 14, 2014. Built by the WPA in 1939, it has been surrounded by construction fences and equipment for many years.

“Dominating the Sedgwick and Goulden Avenue intersection, Gate House No.7 is a combination of design elements from the smaller outlet Gate Houses (Nos. 2, 3, and 6) and the larger central Gate House (No. 5). The at-grade, front facade maintains a seven-bay rhythm defined by projecting brick piers with limestone lintels. Attention is focused on the central bay, a 14-foot and eleven-inch drive-through entrance that mimics, minus the ashlar blocks, the Gate House No. 5 stepped parapet entrance. Currently, the Gate House No. 7 superstructure, in addition to housing a series of sluice gate floor stands for flow control and chlorinating equipment, serves as an occasional manned office when work is being conducted on the nearby subterranean Mosholu Pumping Station.”[1]


  1. Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Croton Water Treatment Plant, archive, Section 8.2 of The Croton Water Filtration Plant Project: Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, July 16, 2004: “In 1939, the extant superstructure at the intersection of Sedgwick and Goulden Avenues was built as part of the WPA work effort. The superstructure, measuring roughly 97 feet by 124 feet, is really two separate structures that are joined by one roof. The gates and por