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New Deal projects announced in this archive:

 4 Jan 1938  Brooklyn    New playground at the Old Broadway Ferry Terminal,
                           Broadway and Kent Ave. 
28 Jan 1938  Queens      WPA will convert PS 28 to playground, 115th St btw
                           14th Ave & 14th Road, College Point 
12 Feb 1938  Bronx       Completion of last two sections of Williamsbridge
                           Oval recreation center 
25 Feb 1938  Brooklyn    WPA starts work on park next to Brooklyn Library,
                           Flatbush Ave & Eastern Parkway 
10 Mar 1938  Manhattan   WPA workers will renovate 9 public bathhouses
16 Apr 1938  Brooklyn    New playground, Lafayette and Marcy Avenues
23 Apr 1938  Brooklyn    New playground, Lee Street btw Lynch & Middleton Sts
14 May 1938  Bronx       New playground, Stebbins Ave N. of E.167th St.
14 May 1938  Richmond    New playground, Midland & Lincoln Ave near 10th St.
31 May 1938  Manhattan   Plans for new pool at 23rd St & Ave A with WPA labor
 8 Jun 1938  Manhattan   Reconstruction of Cooper Park, 4th Ave & E.7th St
17 Jun 1938  Manhattan   Mother Goose sculptures, Rumsey Playground, Central
 2 Jul 1938  Queens      New playground at 14th St. south of 31st Ave
 2 Jul 1938  Brooklyn    New playground at New York and Clarkson Avenues
 2 Jul 1938  Brooklyn    New playground at 23rd St, 4th-5th Aves (or Manhattan?
 2 Jul 1938  Brooklyn    Expanded playground at Avenue P and East 4th Street
12 Jul 1938  Manhattan   New baseball diamond at Randall's Island
14 Oct 1938  Manhattan   Reconstructed Mt. Morris Park, 5th Ave & 120th St
 7 Nov 1938  Brooklyn    Bids for Circumfrential Parkway (PWA financing) 


1/4/38   - 679 - Opening of 2 new playgrounds-Old Bway, Ferry Terminal at
                 foot of Broadway & Ken.. Ave., Bklyn and 34th ave., between
                 96th and Junction Blvd., Queens.  Total of 253 added to
                 Parks since Jan. 1934. 58 opened during 1937 - total
                 available today is 361. 

1/6/38   - 680 - Erection of bronze statue of Henry Hudson on top of Hudson
                 Memorial column. Redesigning and reconstruction of H.Hudson
                 Memorial Park. 

1/10/38  - 681 - Result of conference held by Mr. Moses, Dr. Wm. Tiffany and
                 Mr. Wm. Haugaar