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contents.  The first covers January-June, the second July-September.

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Work Projects [30]
Works Projects [4]
Works Progress [0]
WPA [9]
W.P.A. [3]
W. P. A. [1]
P.W.A. [2]
P. W. A. [3]
federal loan [2]
relief workers [3]
relief labor [3]

New Deal projects in this archive (listed in the order of the archive):

17 Jun 1940  Queens     Reconstruction of Grover Cleveland Park.
 7 Jun 1940  Brooklyn   Reopening of City Park[1][2]
 6 Jun 1940  Manhattan  Reconstruction of Chelsea Park
 3 Jun 1940  Manhattan  New outdoor swimming pool in John Jay Park
19 May 1940  Manhattan  New outdoor swimming pool on West 60th Street
19 May 1940  Bronx      Extension to Orchard Beach bathhouse 
19 May 1940  Bronx      Extension to Orchard Beach parking lot and access road
16 May 1940  Manhattan  Opening of Baruch Playground and Public Bath
 4 May 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstruction of William E. Kelly Memorial Park
27 Apr 1940  Bronx      New park on University Avenue and 170th Street [3]
25 Apr 1940  Queens     Opening of Francis Lewis Park
 4 Apr 1940  Manhattan  New playground at Clinton, Water, and Cherry streets[4]
 4 Apr 1940  Manhattan  New playground at 34th Street and East River [5]
 4 Apr 1940  Manhattan  New Yorkville playground, 101st St and 3rd Ave [6]
16 Mar 1940  (all)      Restoration of trees damaged in storm of March 4th.
15 Jan 1940  Manhattan  New playground at 141st Street and Hamilton Place [7]
15 Jan 1940  Bronx      New playground at 136th Street and Alexander Ave [8]
26 Sep 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstructed Borough Hall Park
14 Sep 1940  Bronx      Three new marginal playgrounds in Claremont Park
26 Aug 1940  Brooklyn   New playground at Stuyvesant Avenue & Marion Street[9]
10 Aug 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstructed Bushwick Playground [10]
 1 Aug 1940  Manhattan  Reconstruction of Jasper Oval (no longer exists)
 1 Aug 1940  Brooklyn   New skating rink and bicycle track in Red Hook.
 1 Aug 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstruction of West side of Sunset Park.
27 Jul 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstruction New Lots Playground.
19 Jul 1940  Manhattan  Renovation of swimming pool at 5 Rutgers Place.
11 Jul 1940  Brooklyn   Reconstruction of north section Lincoln Terrace Park.
11 Jul 1940  Brooklyn   New bicycle trails [11]
11 Jul 1940  Queens     New bicycle trails [11]
 6 Jul 1940  Manhattan  Reconstruction of Annunciation Playground

 [1] Now called Commodore Barry Park.
 [2] It doesn't say it was a WPA project, but why else would the NY Work
     Projects Administrator be present at the ceremony?
 [3] Now called Highbridge Park (not to be confused with the one in Manhattan)
 [4] I believe this is the present Cherry Clinton Playground.
 [5] No longer exists