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New Deal projects in this archive:

 2 Oct 1940: Manhattan  New playground at 120th Street and East River.
 2 Nov 1940: Queens     Construction of Maurice (Urban Water Supply) Park.
11 Nov 1940: Queens     Reconstruction of Juniper Valley Park.
13 Nov 1940: Bronx      Picnic areas at Hunters Island and Twin Island.
19 Nov 1940: Manhattan  Restoration of Herald Square.
26 Nov 1940: Manhattan  Reconstruction of Seward Park.
 7 Dec 1940: Bronx      Reconstruction of Claremont Park.
18 Dec 1940: Manhattan  Repaving of Central Park West Drive 86-110 Street.

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10/2/40  167 New playground at East 120th St., opened.

10/2/40  168 Bids opened for grading east of Sehmul Park, Richmond

10/5/40  169 Children of 18 playgrounds celebrate openings.

10/5/40  170 Demonstratio of magie to be in Central Park on Oct. 6.

10/9/40  171 Opening of new Boys Club of Harlem announced.

l0/ll/40-172 Bids opened for repaving section of Grand Central
             Parkway extension.

10/11/40-173 Harvesting of crops in Children's Gardens announced.

10/15/40-174 Exhibition of handcraft begins Oct. 15.

10/23/40-175 Program of activities announced for fall and winter.

10/23/40-176 New members to be enrolled in playground children's
             bands and orchestras.

10/24/40-177 City-wide finals of roller skating contest announced.

1O/27/40-178 2,289 trees planted during the spring season.

10/28/40-179 Bids received for construction of new roller and ice
             skating facilities in New York City Building.

10/29/40-180 Pedestrian overpass at West l48th Street and
             Riverside Drive 26% completed.

10/30/40-181 Northerly part of Baisley Pond Park completed; to be reopened.

10/31/40-182 Birthday parties for children in 14 playgrounds arranged.


#183: Nov 1, 1940-Bids on contract for transplanting trees on a construction

#184: Nov 2, l940-Dedication of Maurice Park on Nov 3 at 3PM

#185: Nov 2, 1940-Annual fall chrysanthemum show in Prospect Park
                     Brooklyn greenhouse, Nov 3;

#186: Nov 2, 1940-Finals of volley ball tournament for girls Nov 2
                     at Heckscher playground;

#187: Nov 7, 1940-Landfill operations on Nov 6 in development of Schmul Park;

#188: Nov 8, 1940-Completion of "Animal Naming Contest" for new
                     arrivals at zoos;

#189: Nov 11,