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New Deal Projects in this archive:

27 Jan 1941  Manhattan  Installation of Dodge statue in Bryant Park.
14 Mar 1941  Bronx      Reconstruction of Owen F. Dolen Park
12 Apr 1941  Brooklyn   New playground at Avenue H and Kings Highway.
19 Apr 1941  Brooklyn   New bleachers and fence in City Park.
22 Apr 1941  Manhattan  Restoration of General Worth memorial.
23 Apr 1941  Brooklyn   New playground and athletic field by Lincoln H.S.
28 May 1941  Queens     Three new play areas in Forest Park.
30 May 1941  Manhattan  Peter Stuyvesant monument and park.
 5 Jun 1941  Brooklyn   New playground on Avenue V between 13th-14th Streets.
 5 Jun 1941  Manhattan  Reconstructed playground in St. Catherine's Park.
13 Jun 1941  Bronx      Reconstructed playground on Strong and 197th Streets.
14 Jun 1941  Manhattan  Reconstructed playground in Inwood Hill Park.
18 Jun 1941  Queens     Eight new ball fields and two locations.
20 Jun 1941  Manhattan  New playground in Central Park at West 76th Street.
21 Jun 1941  Manhattan  Reconstruction of John J. Murphy Playground.
22 Jun 1941  Bronx      North Bronx Park (playgrounds, paths, athletic fields).
23 Jun 1941  Queens     New playground at Steinway Street and 35th Avenue.
24 Jun 1941  Brooklyn   Rehabilitation of Betsy Head Park.
25 Jun 1941  Bronx      New playground in Bronx Park at 227th Street.
27 Jun 1941  Bronx      Opening of 3 reconstructed playgrounds in Crotona Park.
27 Jun 1941  Bronx      Opening of 7 new playgrounds in Crotona Park.
27 Jun 1941  Brooklyn   Reconstruction of playground on Prospect Avenue.
 5 Jun 1941  Manhattan  Three new playgrounds in Washington Square Park.
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                          Index January - June

1/3/41   1 Celebrations at opening of three new parks

1/8/41   2 Opening ceremonies for ice and roller rinks at Flushing Meadow

1/9/41   3 Bids for lighting of Flushing Meadow Park

1/ll/41  4 Bids for general construction, lighting, and planting
           City Park in Brooklyn

1/11/41  5 Ice skating exhibition in Flushing Meadow Park

l/l4/41  6 Highbridge play center activities extended to adults

1/17/41  7 New Jersey State Building in Flushing Meadow

1/18/41  8 Finals of lational Indoor Singles Paddle Tennis Championships

1/22/41  9 Flushing Meadow roller and ice rink events

l/24/41 10 Bids for plumbing and ventilating and electrical work on
           swimming pool in New York state building, Flushing Meadow Park