Corrected by Frank da Cruz, August 2014.

1943 was the final year of the New Deal.  In this archive I cleaned only
those entries having to do with W.P.A. projects or the War.  The majority of
entries (schedules of events; announcements of contests, dances, flower
shows, baby animals born at the zoo, etc) are left in their original chaotic
scanned state.  Each cleaned entry begins with "+++" (without the quotes).

Search Terms relevant to New Deal:

relief funds
Work Projects Administration
W.P.A. bands
W.P.B. (War Production Board)
OPA (Office of Price Administration)

Other interesting search terms:

Fats Waller
Music in Wartime

New Deal projects announced in this archive.  All of them are WPA projects
that were not finished by the time the WPA disappeared on June 30, 1943.
Most of them were 90% done, one or two only 50%.

11 Jan 1943  Queens      New playground at Seneca Avenue and 60th Place
18 Jan 1943  Brooklyn    Paerdegat Park, Albany Ave, E.40th St
13 Mar 1943  Bronx       Harris Field
13 Mar 1943  Manhattan   Playground at Madison-Park Ave, E.108-109 St.
13 Mar 1943  Brooklyn    Playground at Eastern Pkwy, Fulton-Truxton-Sackman Sts
18 Aug 1943  Bronx       New playground at 234 Street and Bailey Avenue
 1 Sep 1943  Bronx       New playground at 225 Street and White Plains Road
 8 Dec 1943  Manhattan   Harlem Meer in Central Park
20 Dec 1943  Queens      New playground at Brinckerhoff Ave & Union Hall St.

                                    January - June 1943

1.    l/l0   Continuation of childrens marionette and magic shows

2.    l/ll   New playground in Queens adjacent to P.S.68

3.    l/l4   Gift of new recreation area in St. Albans, Queens

4.    l/l8   Paerdegat Park in Brooklyn open to the public

5.    l/21   Fourteen boxing bouts in East 5^-th street gym scheduled

6.    l/23   City wide ice carnival on January 24th

7.    l/25   Municipal lifeguard training course starts February 19th

8.    2/3    Proposed change in zoning resolution

9.    2/3    Roller skating show in Flushing Meadow February 3

10.   2/8    Extension of lifeguard course

11.   2/l4   Demonstration of recretional activities starts Fenruary 15th

12.   2/15   Groups putting up service flags, honor rolls and memorials in
             the city 

13.   2/21   Learn to swim campaign going on in indoor pools
14.   2/23   500th performance of puppet and marionette show

15.   3/l3   9 park projects bids open to finish work done by WPA - maps

16.   3/l3   Golf and tennis courts open -where and how much they cost.

17.   3/l4   Social and square dancing in Queens March 19 and 26th

18.   3/l9   Planting of new landscaping in parks

19.   3/l9   Bids for landscaping work on Brooklyn connecticing highway - map

20.   3/20   N.Y. State Indoor Speed Skating championships March 25th

21.   3/23   Hershey estate donates two female lions

22.   3/24   Robert Moses letter to Walter Hoving re. major living in Gracie

23.   3/27   154 baseball diamonds and 279 Softball fields open April 17th

24.   3/29   Park an