Virginia New Deal Navy Ships - Photo #2 - USS Enterprise (CV-6)


The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6), the most decorated US ship of Word War II, built at Newport News shipyard with PWA funds between 1934 and 1938. The Enterprise played a critical role in defeating the Imperial Japanese Navy, and saw more actions in the war against Japan than any other United States ship, including the battles of Midway, Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz Islands, Philippine Sea, and Leyte Gulf, earning 20 battle stars, the most of any US ship in World War II. Sister ship of the Yorktown. Decommissioned in 1947 and scrapped in 1958.
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  2. USS Enterprise CV-6,, accessed 17 July 2017. ”In the summer of 1933, pressed hard by newly elected president Franklin Roosevelt, Congress enacted a huge package of legislation — known collectively as the "New Deal" — which, amongst many other things, allotted $238 million for new naval construction, including nearly $40 million for the two new carriers. The first of these two ships, Yorktown CV-5,