C-Kermit 7.0 Bug List

As of: 27 Oct 2000

The following bugs have been noted in C-Kermit 7.0 as of the date shown above. Workarounds or patches are given if available. Fixes will be included in subsequent releases.

  1. If you try:

      kermit -g 

    where file does not exist in the client directory it returns the error:

      FAILURE: No filespec given!

    instead of:

      FAILURE: file does not exist.

  2. (Not a bug) True ISO 8601 date-time format is not supported: yyyymmddThhmmss or yyyymmdd hhmmss. Kermit supports yyyymmdd_hh:mm:ss (as documented).

  3. Log into IKSD
    GET file1 newname
    Switch to the client's command prompt
    SEND file2
    file2 is stored on IKSD as newname

  4. The new built-in LOGIN command will conflict with any existing LOGIN macros. This is always the case with new commands, but LOGIN is an especially likely name for a macro. To work around, either rename your LOGIN macro to something else, or else invoke it with "do login args".

  5. If a Hayes-command-set modem has "reset on DTR loss" set (&D3) and the modem prints OK upon reset, even when the reset happened because of DTR loss, Kermit can become mighty confused, especially after a HANGUP command. Elsa MicroLink modems (a German brand) have this peculiarity. The Kermit bug is that the HANGUP command will drop DTR even if you SET MODEM HANGUP-METHOD MODEM-COMMAND, if the modem command fails. C-Kermit has always operated this way on the assumption that if the user says to HANGUP, the user means it. However, in this case, dropping DTR produces the unexpected OK response, and then all future dialog is out of sync. There is no way for the user to tell C-Kermit NOT to drop DTR under these circumstances. This will be fixed in the next release.

  6. (Not a bug.) All RENAME operations are performed using the underlying system services for renaming a file. If the underlying system service does not allow files to be renamed across disks, these operations fail. This includes the RENAME command and SEND, RECEIVE, or GET /MOVE-TO. This might not be clear enough in the documentation. Note that in UNIX, there is no obvious way for a user to tell whether two directories are on the same disk.

  7. Various typos and syntax errors in the makefile and source files. The most serious error prevented any and all SCO OSR5 builds from working. All these are fixed in C-Kermit 7.0.197, which simply allows builds to succeed that didn't in 7.0.196, but which makes no functional changes.

  8. Modem signal detection does not work in SCO OSR5 and Unixware 7 (it never did). Cause: POSIX definitions are required for high serial-port speeds, but prevent access to modem signals, since modem signal APIs are not defined in POSIX.

  9. The new SHIFT command does not decrement \v(argc) if it is used within an IF { } or ELSE { } block. Workaround: use a shadow variable and decrement it explicitly. To be fixed in the next release.

  10. When C-Kermit translates from (say) Latin-1 to UTF-8, it fails to convert the C1 control bytes. But text normally does not contain C1 characters so this but should have little or no impact.

  11. If you TAKE file arg1 arg2 -- i.e. specify args, then the same args remain in effect for the next TAKE command. This is not really a bug, since it's documented, but it's not optimal either, and probably will be changed in t