Kermit 95 Patches

KERMIT 95 PATCH 20, 31 MARCH 2000

Version 1.1.20 of Kermit 95 is available to registered users of Kermit 95 for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and OS/2 as a downloadable patch to version 1.1.17 or 1.1.19.

You may download the patch from the Kermit Project website and apply it as described below IF:

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A patch file contains all the differences between two versions of the same file: the old version currently installed on your PC and the new version you wish to install. It does this for each file in the Kermit 95 directory tree. When the patch program is run it looks for each file that was stored in the patch:

These messages are either non-fatal (the patch process will continue) or fatal (the process will be rewound) depending on the file being patched. Errors patching the following files are fatal: Errors patching all other files result in non-fatal warning messages.

If a fatal error occurs it is most likely because you are trying to install the wrong patch on your installation, or because you are trying to patch a Beta test version. Double check the version in both the Dialer's Help..About dialog and the K95 VERSION command.

Non-fatal errors occur either because you deleted or replaced a file in the distribution or accidentally altered it while reading the file with NOTEPAD or other editor.

If there is not an error, the patch program applies the patches from the patch file to your old file, creating the new version of the file, and placing the old copy in a BACKUP directory, which it creates if necessary.

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