Kermit 95 Character Sets

One of Kermit 95's most important functions -- at least outside of the English-speaking world -- is to convert between the PC's codes for the characters of your language and the usually incompatible codes used on the host for the same language.

Kermit 95 can perform these conversions only for character sets that it knows about. The following table lists these sets. Legend:

 F - Can Be a File Character-Set
 T - Can Be a Transfer Character-Set
 L - Can Be a Terminal Local-Character-Set
 R - Can Be a Terminal Remote-Character-Set

 7 - ASCII with language-specific characters substituted in some positions
 S - A standard 8-bit character set with ASCII in the left half
 8 - A proprietary 8-bit character set that follows standard format
 P - A PC Code page, ASCII in left half, graphics in C1 and GR
 W - A Windows code page, like an ISO 8859 character set with graphics in C1
 B - A special set for Box and Line drawing or technical symbols, etc.
 M - A multibyte character set
 U - The Universal character set (Unicode, ISO 10646)

 CP  - Code Page
 NRC - National Replacement Character-Set (NRC) from DEC VT terminals

See Using C-Kermit, Chapter 16, for an explanation of the terminology.

F T L R Type Name Description
X S ARABIC-ISO ISO 8859-6 Latin/Arabic X X X X A ASCII ANSI X3.4-1986 US ASCII X X 7 BRITISH ISO 646 British version X X X P BULGARIA-PC Bulgaria Cyrillic PC Code Page X X 7 CANADIAN-FRENCH Canadian French NRC X X X P CP437 PC CP 437 (Originl PC Code Page) X X S CP813 PC CP 813 (ISO Latin/Greek) X X S CP819 PC CP 819 (ISO Latin 1) X X X P CP850 PC CP 850 (PC "Multilingual") X X X P CP852 PC CP 852 (PC Latin 2) X X X P CP855 PC CP 855 (PC Cyrillic) X X P CP857 PC CP 857 (PC Latin 5) X X X P CP858 PC CP 858 (= CP850 with with Euro) X X X P CP862 PC CP 862 (PC Hebrew) X X P CP864 PC CP 864 (PC Arabic) X X X P CP866 PC CP 866 (PC Russian) X X X P CP869 PC CP 869 (PC Greek) X X S CP912 PC CP 912 (ISO Latin 2) X X S CP913 PC CP 913 (ISO Latin 3) X X S CP914 PC CP 914 (ISO Latin 4) X X S CP915 PC CP 915 (ISO Latin/Cyrillic) X X S CP916 PC CP 916 (ISO Latin/Greek) X X S CP920 PC CP 920 (ISO Latin 5) X X S CP923 PC CP 923 (ISO 8859-15 Latin 9) X X W CP1051 Windows CP 1051 (Windows HP Roman8) X X W CP1089 Windows CP 1089 (Windows Latin/Arabic) X X X W CP1250 Windows CP 1250 (Windows Latin 2) X X X W CP1251 Windows CP 1251 (Windows Latin/Cyrillic) X X X W CP1252 Windows CP 1252 (Windows Latin 1) X X W CP1253 Windows CP 1253 (Windows Latin/Greek) X X W CP1254 Windows CP 1254 (Windows Turkish) X X W CP1255 Windows CP 1255 (W