The Kermit Project, Columbia University

2 April 2002

As of: Kermit 95 1.1.21

This file contains entries from earlier editions of the Kermit 95 Bug List, that were moved to this file when the bugs were fixed. The numbering is preserved. Bugs fixed since K95 1.1.19 (February 2000) are still in the bug list.

2. Video Attributes vs Terminal Screen Size in Windows 95 - Category X.

(Fixed in version 1.1.12)

Kermit 95's terminal emulator supports color and highlighting (bold) character attributes in the Terminal window, which are set by escape sequences from the other computer. In addition, the underlining attribute is simulated via color or intensity. This should work well in any size screen, but unfortunately there is a bug in Windows 95 -- but not in Windows NT -- that prevents the use of attributes in console screens that are not 80 characters wide and 25, 43, or 50 lines high (24, 42, or 49 plus Kermit's status line). If an application attempts to write attributes in such a window, Windows 95 (not just the application) crashes. Therefore, host-controlled screen-size changing is disabled by default in Windows 95. You can enable it with the following command:


If you do this, then if the host changes the screen size to anything other than 80 by 25, 43, or 50, then Kermit 95 will refuse to manipulate attributes in the screen (because if it attempted to change attributes, Windows would crash). The problem is most commonly visible when switching to 132-column mode, in which case you probably observe that columns 81-132 are monochrome, as is new material in the other columns. Switching back and forth between the Terminal and Command screens in this situation can cause further confusion. Basically, all bets are off because Windows itself becomes extremely unstable when an "odd-sized" console window is in use.

If and when the Windows bug is fixed, you can enable screen attributes in screens of all sizes by issuing the hidden command:


Do not do this before the Windows 95 bug is fixed; it will result in a General Protection Fault and potential loss of data or damage to your system.

Once you have installed the Windows 95 patch or new Windows 95 version (if any) that corrects this problem, you can put the above command in your K95.INI file and then you can enjoy full-colored and -highlighted screens of (hopefully) any dimensions. NOTE: There was no fix for this problem in the first Microsoft Service Pack, nor in Windows 95 OEM SR2 (Service Release 2).

REMEMBER: This is a Windows 95 bug, not a Kermit bug. You can use any screen dimensions you like in Windows NT, up to 162 columns and 101 rows.

3. Microsoft Telephony (TAPI) - Category K.

This is fixed in version 1.1.12.

(NOTE: Users of PCMCIA modems, also see Item 79).

Windows 95 and NT 4.0 only. The interface between Kermit 95 and Microsoft Telephony does not yet work. It probably can not be made to work until the conversion of K95 to full-GUI is complete. In the meantime, you can use your COM devices (COM1, COM2, etc) directly, along with Kermit 95's own built-in modem support. This has severa