Welcome to the Kermit 95 Installer for Columbia University

K95 2.1.3 -- 1 Jan 2003

Due to system-dependent timing issues, it is possible that this Web page is covering the Kermit 95 Installer's window. If so, please click on the "InstallShield Wizard" that should be in your Task Bar to bring up the Installer.


1a. The 1.1.X to 2.1.3 Upgrade
1b. The 2.x to 2.1.3 Upgrade
2. The Installation
   2.1: Initial Dialogs
   2.2: Registry, Desktop and Start Menu Options
   2.3: Everson Mono Terminal Font
3. Special Configuration
   3.1: CU Kerberos Configuration Files
   3.2: IKS Configuration File
4. Where To Go From Here


This document offers step-by-step advice on how to install the Kermit 95 communications software. Although most of this InstallShield installation is self-explanatory, Kermit 95 includes some advanced features that must be at least minimally configured to function properly. Please leave this browser window open and refer to it if you are stuck on a question that the installation routine is asking you.

This document covers all the possible options you could install, so it is possible that if you don't install all of the components, you will not be prompted for information that is referenced here.

Also note that all of the links to additional documentation are links to The Kermit Project website and therefore require an active Internet connection.

1. The K95 1.1 to 2.1 Upgrade

If you are installing Kermit 95 for the first time, please skip to the next section.

The Kermit 95 1.1 to 2.1 upgrade is, in fact, a full new installation; thus the regular installation instructions following this section apply to it, just as they do to a new installation. To apply the upgrade you must already have an older version of Kermit 95 on your computer.

A new installation is required because to get all K95 users into the new directory structure, so we don't have an unsupportable parallel universe of old and new layouts. The upgrade installs K95 2.1 into the new structure. Your previous installation is left intact.

After upgrading, you will have to determine which files from your old installation need to be migrated to which directories in the new one. In the most common situations, your old Kermit 95 installation is confined to a single directory tree, typically rooted at C:\K95. In the new scheme, the data files that you have changed are stored in Kermit 95's "appdata" directory (as explained in the README file), typically:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Kermit 95\

The two files that should always be moved are: