Kermit 95 Keyboard Verbs

Keyboard Verbs (Kverbs) may be assigned to keystrokes with the SET KEY and SET TERMINAL KEY commands, and to mouse events with the SET MOUSE BUTTON command.

The HELP KVERB name should be given without the backslash or the "K", for example:

  K-95> help kverb gold
  \kpf1, \kgold   Transmit DEC PF1 sequence

  Active bindings:
    \368   - F1
    \400   - Num Lock

More than 650 keyboard verbs are available in Kermit 95.

The first group are for general use and are independent of which terminal is being emulated.

   \Kanswerback    Transmit answerback string to host
   \Kautodownload  Toggle on/off terminal autodownload.
   \Kbacknext      Continue backward search
   \Kbacksearch    Begin backward search 
   \Kbreak         Transmit a BREAK signal
   \Kbytesize      Toggle terminal bytesize between 7 and 8 bits.
   \Kclearscreen   Clear the Terminal screen
   \Kcompose 	   Compose an accented character
   \Kdebug         Enter/exit Terminal Debug mode
   \Kdnarr         Transmit Terminal Down Arrow sequence
   \Kdnone         Roll screen down one line
   \Kdnscn         Roll screen down one page
   \Kdos           "Push" to command shell
   \Kdump          Dump the current screen text to SET PRINTER device
   \Kendscn        Roll screen to the bottom of buffer
   \Kexit          Exit terminal mode
   \Kflipscn       Reverse foreground and background colors
   \Kfnkeys        Display function key labels in HP and Wyse emulations
   \Kfwdnext       Continue forward search
   \Kfwdsearch     Begin forward search
   \Kgobook        Goto bookmark in rollback buffer
   \Kgoto          Goto line number in rollback buffer
   \Khangup        Hangup line and return to command prompt
   \Khelp          Display popup help
   \Kholdscrn      Pause data input
   \Khomscn        Roll screen to beginning of buffer
   \Kignore        Ignore keystroke
   \Kkbemacs       Switch to EMACS keyboard mode
   \Kkbenglish     Switch to normal keyboard mode
   \Kkbhebrew      Switch to HEBREW keyboard mode
   \Kkbrussian     Switch to Russian keyboard mode
   \Kkeyclick      Toggle Keyclick On/Off
   \Klbreak        Transmit Long Break signal
   \Klfall         Scroll to left margin
   \Klfarr         Transmit Terminal Left Arrow sequence
   \Klfone         Scroll left one column
   \Klfpage        Scroll left eight columns
   \Klogoff        Turn Session Log Off
   \Klogon         Turn Session Log On
   \Kmarkcancel    Cancel Mark Mode
   \Kmarkcopyclip  Copy marked text to clipboard
   \Kmarkcopyhost  Copy marked text to host
   \Kmarkstart     Start Mark Mode
   \Kmousecurpos   Transmit sequence to move cursor to mouse position
   \Kmousemark     Mouse drag sequence marks text
   \Kmouseurl      Start Browser with selected URL
   \Knull          Transmit Null to host
   \Kos2           "Push" to command shell
   \Kpaste         Paste text from clipboard to host
   \Kprintff       Send Formfeed to SET PRINTER device
   \Kprtauto       Toggle Auto-print mode
   \Kprtcpy        User-initiated Ctrl-print
   \Kprtctrl       Toggle Ctrl-print mode
   \Kquit          Disconnect from host and terminate Kermit