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The reply command is a slightly easier way to send a reply than using the send command. After reading the message, type reply or just r at the R> prompt:

 Message 73 (378 chars)
Return-Path: <jb51>
Received: by (5.59/FCB)
        id AA01344; Monday, 7 Sep 92 10:50:29 EDT
Date: Monday, 7 Sep 92 10:50:28 EDT
From: Joe Brennan <>
To: fb2
Cc: mm33, hk12
Subject: Meeting on Sept 21
Message-Id: <>

Let's meet on Sept 21 at 2:00 to go over plans for this semester.


 Message (End with CTRL/D or ESC
  Use CTRL/B to insert a file, CTRL/E to enter editor, CTRL/F to run text
  through a filter, CTRL/K to redisplay message, CTRL/L to clear screen and
  redisplay, CTRL/N to abort, CTRL/P to run a program and insert output.):

OK, I can meet then.  --Fuat

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jb51... Queued


As you can see, reply is similar to send, but you skip over the prompts for To, cc and Subject. The reply goes to the address in the From field of the message you received, and it has the same Subject field.

At the S> prompt, you can type quit if you decide not to send the reply after all.

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