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You can resend mail you receive to someone else, if appropriate. You can add a comment on the message.


It is extremely easy to share electronic documents. You can take a message that you received from someone and easily, quickly send it to another person. Before doing so, stop and think about it. Do not remail without asking the original sender, unless it is very clear that the message is to be shared. Do not annoy other people by remailing junk mail like chain letters.


Use the forward command to send a copy of a received message to someone else. You can add a comment that will appear before the message. You are considered to be the sender of the forwarded message, so replies to it will come to you (see the remail command below).

MM>forward 73
 To: fisc
 Message (End with CTRL/D or ESC
  Use CTRL/B to insert a file, CTRL/E to enter editor, CTRL/F to run text
  through a filter, CTRL/K to redisplay message, CTRL/L to clear screen and
  redisplay, CTRL/N to abort, CTRL/P to run a program and insert output.):

You can come to this meeting too if you like.


From: Fuat Baran <>
To: fisc
Subject: [Joseph Brennan <>: Meeting on Sept 21]

You can come to this meeting too if you like.


Return-Path: <jb51>
Received: by (5.59/FCB)
        id AA01344; Monday, 7 Sep 92 10:50:29 EDT
Date: Monday, 7 Sep 92 10:50:28 EDT
From: Joe Brennan <>
To: fb2
Cc: mm33, hk12
Subject: Meeting on Sept 21
Message-Id: <>

Let's meet on Sept 21 at 2:00 to go over plans for this semester.



At the MM> prompt, type forward and a message sequence. If you specify more than one message, they will be mailed as one combined message, starting with the comment from you and a list of messages. You will be prompted for a To field, and then for the message. The message from you is optional; you can press the escape key at the Message... prompt without typing anything.

At the R> prompt, type forward and the address. You will be prompted for the message, which is optional. If you omit the address on the line with forward, you will be prompted for an address after you give the send command.

To edit the forwarded message, use the edit command at the S> prompt to bring the entire message into Emacs. Remove sections that are irrelevant or that the sender would not want shared.


The remail command also sends a copy of a received message to someone else. It differs from forward in that you cannot add anything to the message, and the original sender is still considered the sender, so replies go to the original sender. Use remail when the message is really for someone else, instead of you or in addition to you.

MM>remail 73
 To: fisc
fisc... Queued

At the MM> prompt, type remail and a mes