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The MM User Guide assumes that the user starts out with certain variables set in the systemwide .mmrc file or personal .mminit file. These files will vary at different sites, so for the record these are the standard settings used for accounts at Columbia.


This is the contents of a possible /usr/local/lib/mm/mm.conf. This file sets certain variables for all users on the system. Any user can override these values by setting the same variables to any desired value in the user's own .mminit file or an rc file.

set mail-file ~/mbox
set mail-directory ~
set suspend-on-quit yes
set suspend-on-exit yes
set autowrap-column -7
set fast-init-file yes
set crt-filter /usr/ucb/more -d
set read-prompt "R>"
set send-prompt "S>"
set print-filter /usr/local/bin/print


Each user account can be given a standard .mminit file when it is created.

set crt-filter /usr/ucb/ -x      # use "right" more, with novice switch
set use-crt-filter-always yes
set user-level novice

At Columbia, we originally used the built-in read and send prompts R> and S>, and later decided to use R> and S> instead. To avoid changing it for existing users, we did not put the set commands in the .mmconf as shown here, but rather put them in the standard .mminit we give to new users. Admittedly it's not much of a change and, with a system announcement, it could have been set in mm.conf and made applicable to all users.

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