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These are all the variables you can set in MM. For more information on any variable, type help set followed by the name of the variable. Since the names are long, use the TAB key to fill them in; for example, type help set al and then TAB to get help about the variable aliases-use-groups.

Some variables interact with each other. Check the cross-references in the help screens to determine what may be affected when a variable is changed.

The command show shows the current value of variables, set changes the value, and save-init saves the current values permanently. See the help screen for each of those commands.

aliases-use-groupswhether to show mail-aliases or expansions in sent mail
append-new-mailwhether to append to mbox or rewrite mbox
append-signaturewhether to use a .signature file
auto-create-fileswhether MM should create new files
auto-startup-getwhether to get the mail file at startup
autowrap-columnwhere to wrap lines in text mode
browse-clear-screenwhether to clear screens during browse
browse-pausewhether to pause during browse
check-intervalhow often to check for new mail
clear-screenwhether to clear screen for each message being read
continuous-checkwhether to check for new mail in all modes
control-d-automatic-sendwhether to send automatically
control-e-editorwhether control-e calls the editor
control-l-confirmwhether control-l executes a command
control-n-abortwhether control-n aborts sending
crt-filterwhich screen pager to use
default-bcc-listbcc address for all outgoing mail
default-cc-listcc address for all outgoing mail
default-fcc-listfcc address for all outgoing mail
default-fromfrom field for all outgoing mail
default-mail-typefile format for new mail files
default-read-commandan automatic command in Read Mode
default-reply-toreply-to field for all outgoing mail
default-send-commandan automatic command in Send Mode
directory-folderswhether to add a slash to directory names, for mh format
display-flagged-messageswhether to show flagged messages at startup
display-outgoing-messagewhether to show message text on entering text mode
dont-print-headerswhich header fields to hide (list, print)
dont-type-headerswhich header fields to hide (read, type)
editorwhat editor to use
escape-automatic-sendwhether to send automatically
expunge-on-byewhether the bye command expunges
fast-init-filewhether to write .mmfast
finger-commanddefine what the MM finger command does
gnuemacs-mmailwhether editor is gnuemacs with mmail support
handle-changed-modtimehow MM handles a certain file problem
header-options-filedefine a file of extra header fields
help-dirwhere the help files are
incoming-mailwhere incoming mail is kept
keywordsdefine CCMD completions for keyword
list-include-headerswhether the list command includes headers
list-on-separate-pageswhether to have page breaks between messages
mail-aliasesdefine a mail alias (same as define command)
mail-directorywhere mail files should be kept
mail-filedefine the main mail file
mmail-pathdefine the gnuemacs library for MM
modify-read-onlywhether read-only files can be modified
movemail-pathwhere the movemail program is
new-file-modefile mode (permissions) for new files
only-print-headerswhich header fields to show (list, print)
only-type-headerswhich header fields to show (read, type)
personal-nameyour name, for the from field
print-filterdefine what program the MM print command uses
prompt-for-bccwhether to prompt for bcc
prompt-for-ccwhether to prompt for cc
prompt-for-fccwhether to prompt for fcc
prompt-rcpt-alwayswhether to always prompt for addresses
read-promptthe prompt for Read Mode
reply-allwhether to use the option all for all replies
reply-include-mewhether the all option includes the sender
reply-indentwhat mark to use for inclusions in replies
reply-initial-displaywhether the reply command displays the outgoing message
reply-insertwhether to use the option including for all replies
saved-messages-filedefine a file for copies of all outgoing mail
send-promptthe prompt for Send Mode
send-verbosewhether to show where the mail is being sent
sendmail-backgroundwhether to run sendmail in the background
sendmail-verbosewhether to show sendmail messages
spellerdefine what program the MM spell command uses
suspend-on-exitwhether the exit command suspends
suspend-on-quitwhether the quit command suspends
temp-directorywhere to create temporary files
terse-text-promptwhether to show the long Message prompt
top-level-promptthe prompt for Top Level
use-crt-filter-alwayswhether to use the crt-filter always
use-editor-alwayswhether to use the editor all the time
use-invalid-addresswhether to use strange addresses
user-headersdefine CCMD completions for the user-header command
user-levelwhether the hint line appears
user-nameyour user name for MM

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