Central Park New Deal Sites - Photo #1


Total Reconstruction of Central Park, 1938. Above is an aerial view of Central Park in 1938[4], showing how the park looked just after Parks Department, using New Deal funds, labor, and designers, had finished reconstructing the park, thousands of men working in three shifts around the clock in all weather on the construction of walls, new park entrances; removal of dead trees; plowing, seeding, planting, pruning, landscaping; installing footpaths and trails, drinking fountains, drainage, lighting, plus standardized benches, wastebaskets, and fences to be used throughout the Parks system [1][2][3]. Clearly visible are many of the results of this work: References:
  1. Rosenzweig, Roy, and Elizabeth Blackmar, The Park and the People: A History of Central Park, Cornell University Press (1992), pp.448-451.
  2. Caro, Robert A., The Power Broker - Robert Moses and the Fall of New York, Vintage Books (1974), pp.368-372: ”Out in the parks, the ragtag ranks of CWA [Civil Works Administration] workers were being shaped up ... by foremen or ‘ramrods’ [themselves paid by the CWA] ... The winter of 1934 was the first of five of the most severe in New York's history. The tem