Kingsbridge Heights Bronx - Photo #63 - DeWitt Clinton High School Murals


DeWitt Clinton High School at Mosholu Parkway and Paul Avenue in the Bronx, New York, March 2014. The school moved to this building from Manhattan in 1929[1], so the building itself is not a New Deal project.

Clinton has an illustrious history[1,8,9] but like all public schools in New York City, today it is under attack from politicians in State and Federal government, who (at best) want to turn all public schools into test prep academies and (at worst) totally privatize them, like our prisons. Clinton's principal, former NYC deputy schools chancellor Santiago Taveras (Santi), is fighting to turn it back into what it was before all the cutbacks and “reforms”.[2]

Aside from its prominence in the history of public education, Clinton is also home to a gigantic New Deal mural, The History of the World and (on the ceiling) Constellations by Alfred Floegel (1894-1976)[3], WPA Federal Art Project[6], 1934-40: Oil on canvas, 5 feet 4 inches high and 194 feet long[4]. Thanks to Principal Taveras for providing me access to photograph this momumental work.

By the way, DeWitt Clinton is also known (among many other things, but apropos of the New Deal) for its literary magazine, Magpie[7], that famously dealt with Depression era themes, 1929-42.


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