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 4 Jul 1941  Queens      New athletic field on Rockaway Blvd, 101-103 Streets. 
 9 Jul 1941  Brooklyn    New playground at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue M.
14 Jul 1941  Manhattan   Hudson River overlook at 149-150 Streets.
21 Jul 1941  Queens      Construction for Queensbridge Park playground.
22 Jul 1941  Brooklyn    New playground at Avenue V and East 24th Street.
28 Jul 1941  Queens      New playground at Laurelton and Southern Parkways.
 4 Aug 1941  Brooklyn    Opening of first section of Shore Road Park.
 4 Aug 1941  Brooklyn    Opening of Plum Island recreation area, Marine Park.
 9 Aug 1941  Brooklyn    New playground on Nostrand Avenue and Kings Highway.
13 Aug 1941  Bronx       Opening of Ferry Point Park.
13 Aug 1941  Brooklyn    Reconstruction of Bushwick Park.
23 Aug 1941  Brooklyn    New playgrounds (etc) in Prospect Park.
23 Sep 1941  Manhattan   New playground on Fort Washington Ave and 190th St.
26 Sep 1941  Brooklyn    Reconstruction of playground in Gravesend Park.
27 Sep 1941  Queens      Playground and 4 sitting areas in Laurelton.
27 Sep 1941  Bronx       New extension to Zimmerman Park.
29 Sep 1941  Manhattan   Reconstructed playground in Morningside Park.
30 Sep 1941  Queens      New playground behind PS 119.
30 Sep 1941  Queens      New ball fields and bleachers  in At. Albans Park.
30 Sep 1941  Queens      Reconstruction of Victory field in Forest Park.
 1 Oct 1941  Brooklyn    New parking lot and concession building Canarsie Pier
 4 Oct 1941  Queens      Reconstruction Martins Field Playground.
 6 Oct 1941  Brooklyn    Reconstruction of Brower (Bedford) Park.
 6 Oct 1941  Manhattan   Reconstruction of DeWitt Clinton Park.
13 Oct 1941  Bronx       Completion of reconstruction of St. Mary's Park.
13 Oct 1941  Bronx       Completion of reconstruction of Crotona Park.
10 Nov 1941  Bronx       Reconstruction of Isaac L. Rice section of
                           Pelham Bay Park.
24 Nov 1941  Manhattan   Three new playgrounds in Washington Square Park.
 5 Dec 1941  Brooklyn    New addition to park at Howard Avenue and Dean Street.
 8 Dec 1941  Queens      Reconstruction of section of Kissena Park.
15 Dec 1941  Brooklyn    Reconstructed playground at Bay Parkway and Avenue P.
22 Dec 1941  Manhattan   New playground in Highbridge Park
22 Dec 1941  Manhattan   Two new parks between Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges

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7/l/41         Seven new marginal playgrounds, three reconstructed
               playgrounds, children's farm garden and two comfort
               stations completed and opened.

7/2/4l         Eight tennis