Newport News Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #31 - Ferguson Park


Photo: US Library of Congress (1941) [1].

Historical marker Should pre-WWII projects paid out of FDR-administration military budgets to provide off-base housing for civilian families working on military projects be considered New Deal?

Under Public Act 671, approved June 28, 1940, the United States Housing Authority was authorized, with the approval of the President, to cooperate in making necessary housing available for persons engaged in national defense activities. Under this act, the Housing Authority and the Navy and the War Departments were permitted to construct public housing at or near military or naval posts for married enlisted men and for employees of the Navy and the War Departments who were assigned to duty at naval or military posts. The determination of which agency of the government should construct the housing rested with the President. When housing was built by the Army or the Navy, the Housing Authority was authorized to furnish funds and technical assistance for such construction. Such housing was to be leased to, and operated by, the War or the Navy Departments, with the title remaining with the United States Housing Authority.[3]

On September 9, 1940, Public