Newport News Virginia New Deal Projects - Photo #24 - 60th Street Elevated Water Tank


Photo: [1]
“A million-gallon water-storage tank erected at Newport News, Va, to replace an old tank which had been condemned”[1]. This is one of several water tanks built in the Newport News area by the New Deal in the 1930s. The one shown here is the 60th Street Elevated Tank on Warwick Boulevard, completed in 1936. It is still in use as of July 2017[3].

The Newport News Water Resources Coordinator says, “Our system was expanded considerably in the 1930s and 1940s through PWA- and FWA-funded projects. These included a significant number of water mains; a dam, intake, and pumping station on the Chickahominy River; employee housing, and two 6-MGD [million gallon per day] water treatment plants. Unfortunately, most of these facilities are underground, have been demolished and replaced, or have been significantly overhauled/​rehabilitated, so little photographic evidence exists of the original work.”[3]

Summary of New Deal contributions to Newport News Waterworks

“Elevated storage was increased by 2 million gallons by the construction of two one million gallon steel elevated tanks, one at 60th Street in Newport News in 1934, and the other in Phoebus in 1936. These two projects as well as the conversion of the Lee Hall Plant to the use of electric