WPA Projects in New York City, 1 July 1938 - 30 June 1939

This document from the New York City Parks Department press release archive for 1939 shows what the Work Projects Administration accomplished in just 12 months in just one city of the United States [see original document].
FROM:  Public Information Section
Work Projects Administration
70 Columbus Avenue, New York City
Circle 6-4000, Ext. 786
August 16, 1939

Lieut. Col. Brehon Somervell, Work Projects Administrator for New York City, made public yesterday a tabulated summary of the physical accomplishments of the WPA Division of Operations in the five boroughs during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1939. The Division of Operations is the organization's construction and engineering division.

Various types of public buildings head the list, with 308 new structures erected and 635 buildings repaired and modernized during the year, including 30 additions. Work in progress on June 50, not included in these totals, comprised 76 new buildings, and repairs and improvements to 230 buildings, including 13 additions. New buildings in progress included two public schools, four fire houses, three police stations, seven aircraft hangars, three warehouses and five garages. Repairs were in progress on 18 schools, 27 hospital buildings, 11 administrative buildings and 17 recreational buildings. In the slum clearance program, 2,072 buildings were demolished during the year.

A total of 190.2 miles of new highways were constructed, of which 151 miles were paved, and 211.6 miles of existing highways, including 107.4 miles of paved road, were repaired. New road construction in progress at the end of the period totalled 45.5 miles of which 36 miles were paved. One of seven new bridges built was a steel structure 2,000 feet long. At the end of the period, repairs were in progress on 11 steel bridges, totalling 14,065 feet in length. Related highway work completed during the year included 218.4 miles of new curbs laid, with 42.5 miles of curb still in progress, 20 miles of guardrails and guardwalls, and 21,047 feet of roadside drainage ditch dug. New sidewalks totalled 150.9 miles, of which 123.7 miles were paved, and an additional 28.4 miles of paved sidewalks and eight miles of unpaved paths were in progress at the end of the year.

Recreational facilities built during the year, exclusive of buildings, include 10 new athletic fields and the remodelling of eight others; and fourteen new parks, squares and triangles, adding 210.3 acres to the city's park system, with renovation work on 25 existing park areas totalling 16,868 acres. Fifteen new school playgrounds were constructed during the year and repairs were made to twelve others. New playgrounds constructed for the Department of Parks totalled 43, with repairs to nine others. Fourteen new wading pools were built. On June 30, work was still in