Volume 3, Number 1

June, 1988

Kermit News is published periodically free of charge by Columbia University, Center for Computing Activities, 612 West 115th Street, New York, NY 10025, USA, phone 212-280-3703.

Editor: Christine Gianone

The Kermit file transfer protocol is named after Kermit the Frog, star of the television series The Muppet Show, used by permission of Henson Associates, Inc.


Christine Gianone Columbia University, New York City

Welcome to the third issue of Kermit News. This newsletter is published whenever enough news is gathered to report, and time permits. The two previous issues were Volume 1, Number 1 (July 1986) and Volume 2, Number 1 (November 1987). We hope to publish the newsletter more frequently in the future.

The Kermit newsletter attempts to inform Kermit users of new developments and report on some of the varied Kermit uses. Readers who are using Kermit in especially unusual, interesting, or beneficial ways are encouraged to submit articles of about 500 words for publication in future issues. Testimonials from satisfied Kermit users are always welcome too.

Everyone is permitted to copy and redistribute Kermit programs so long as it is not done for profit. If you make fixes, changes, improvements, or write new documentation of general interest, or especially if you develop a Kermit program for a system that didn't have one before, you are encouraged to send your work back to Columbia University so that we can maintain a definitive and comprehensive set of Kermit implementations for further distribution.

Product News

New versions and releases of Kermit programs are continually appearing, as you will see in the sections "Summary of Recent Releases Releases replace several more specific versions, as reported in the "Portable 370 Kermit computers and operating systems.

DEC's large systems, the DECsystem-10 and DECSYSTEM-20, have begun to sail smoothly into eternity. Our own DEC-20, CU20B, home of Kermit Distribution since its beginning in 1981, will be retired this Fall. After that time we will no longer be able to provide DEC-20 DUMPER or DEC-10 BACKUP/Interchange format tapes! If you need tapes in this format, this is your last chance to order. This offer expires September 1, 1988.

By popular demand, we have added some new items and formats to our catalog, which you may select on the enclosed order form: