Feature Comparison of Windows SSH Clients

The following table compares the features of Kermit 95 1.1.21 with other Windows-based SSH clients as of 31 March 2002. The product website links are current as of the same date (but of course the pages they point to and the products they describe might have changed since then). The information comes from each product's website or from inspection of the product itself. Every attempt has been made at accuracy; corrections are welcome. As with the 1995 product comparisons, this is a snapshot in time, and will not necessarily be updated as versions change. Kermit 95 1.1.21 is a 32-bit Console program with a GUI front end; the others are GUI programs, most of them with Console-mode utilities for batch-driven connections, file transfer, and/or key management. Kermit 95 2.0 is a GUI program that has the same feature set as version 1.1.21, but with GUI-related enhancements such as font selection, scrollbars, etc (explained HERE).

   Kermit 95   
Clear-Text Connection Methods . . .
Serial Port Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
> 4 COM Ports Yes N/A No N/A Yes ?
Modem (1) Yes No No No No Yes
TAPI (1) Yes No No No Yes Yes
Telnet Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Rlogin Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
FTP Client Yes No No No No No
FTP Server No No No No No Yes
HTTP Client Yes No No No No No
Secure Connection Methods (2) . . .
Secure Shell (SSH) v1 Yes