Bronx - Photo #760

DeWitt Clinton High School, the only “whole” open-admission high school left in the Bronx. All the others (Walton for example) have been chopped up into mini-schools, many of them charters. Despite its affectionate nickname (“Dimwit Clinton”) this was one of most renowned high schools in the country, turning out huge numbers of people who made a lasting impact on the country and the world with contributions to the arts, science, sports, journalism, academia, politics, economics, medicine, comics, fashion, organized labor, diplomacy, victory in World War II... Seriously, read the list... Pulitzer prize... Nobel prize... Academy Award... Emmy... Grammy... Golden Globe... Olympic Gold Medal... Medal of Honor... Admiral... US Representative... US Senator... All from just one single open-admission integrated NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL. Memo to “education reformers”: What's to reform? Do you really think privatized corporatized cookie-cutter test-driven mini-schools taught by green kids from Teach for America are ever going to turn out a roster like this? Please. The way to fix public education is to put it back the way it was, fund it adequately, fund it fairly so the districts that need the most attention get the most resources, and honor professionally trained, experienced teachers instead of persecuting them.