Kingsbridge Heights Bronx - Photo #128 - DeWitt Clinton High School Mural Notes

Top:  Proposed Wall Decoration for De Witt Clinton High School, Bronx, n.y.c. Probably this the cover of Floegel's mural proposal. Bottom:  Clipping from the Bronx Home News, March 25, 1934:

Section of Proposed Mural for De Witt Clinton H.S.

"As part of the CWA art project for the public schools, artists are at work on the final sketches for the two murals to be painted on the wall and ceiling at the entrance to the library at De Witt Clinton High School, Mosholu Pkwy and Paul Ave. The wall mural, a section of which is shown in this picture, will deal with a history of the world, in which 'various stages in the the progress of man in various countries' will be depicted. The ceiling will show the 'constellations and signs of the zodiac.'"

Alfred Jr. adds "The date written must be wrong as the date on the last panel is 1934. Unless this is somewhere else." I don't think the date is wrong; Alfred Sr. designed the whole thing in 1934 but it took him six years to paint it.