Riverside Park New Deal Sites - Photo #3 - History and construction

Photo: Ben Heller (Underwood & Underwood), found at Stuff Nobody Cares About. Click the Enlarge button to magnify.

Riverside Park and the Henry Hudson Parkway on December 6, 1937, shortly after its opening on October 12, 1937, looking north from West 72nd Street. At the bottom left, the pedestrian underpass that provides access to the Hudson River. On the right, the newly reconstructed Riverside Park, bare except for some newly planted trees (compare with same area today). Left of the new highway: the 400-meter running track and concrete bleachers, then the comfort stations and playground at about 76th Street; then some athletic fields still taking shape; then the 79th Street Boat Basin and Rotunda, still under construction. Off in the distance: the George Washington Bridge.