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This area contains versions of historic Kermit programs that were found or updated after the Kermit Project moved from Columbia University to kermitproject.org in October 2011.

C-Kermit 4.0(025) (the first C-Kermit release, 5 February 1985)
Installed: 2020/04/22
Credit: Warner Losh
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit40.html

C-Kermit 4.2(030)
Installed: 2016/01/28
Credit: Oliver Lehmann
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit42.html

C-Kermit 4C(057)
Installed: 2021/04/22
Credit: Jeff Johnson
Files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/ckermit4c.html

Acorn BBC Micro Kermit 1.46
Installed: 2013/09/04
Reference: http://mdfs.net/Software/Comms/Kermit
Text files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/historic-bbcmicro.html
Zip archive: https://kermitproject.org/ftp/kermit/archives/bbc146.zip (249448 bytes)

ITS Kermit for MIT's Incompatible Timesharing System 1967-1990
Installed: 2017/01/14
Updated: 2021/05/03 (missing common.88 file added, thanks to Lars Brinkhoff)
Reference: ITS Kermit on the PDP-10 page
Text files: https://kermitproject.org/archivefiles/historic-its.html
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