Brooklyn Navy Yard - Photo #48 - Brooklyn Navy Yard diorama

At the SUNY Maritime Museum, Bronx NY: Model Replica of the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard during World War II (1942-1944) built by YNC [Chief Yeoman] Leo J. Spiegel USN (ret). Scale: 1 inch = 50 feet. Completion time: over 8 years. Photos by me, 19 July 2018, through glass with a digital camera. This is a broad view of most of the diorama. Click the Enlarge button for a closer look.

The model includes 46 naval vesells, 273 shipyard buildings, 8 shipyard piers, 6 drydocks, 47 mobil cranes on tracks, 231 railroad freight cars, 16 large and small diesel freight engines, 569 homes outside the shipyard, 86 factories adjacent to the shipyard, and 4 churches outside the shipyard.

The ships include the carriers Bennington and Bon Homme Richard and the battleships North Carolina, Iowa, and Missouri, faithfully modelled, along with many other warships, yard tugs, etc.