Central Park New Deal Sites - Photo #55 - Model Boat House

The Model Boathouse on Conservatory Lake in Central Park, July 2015. "His [Moses'] force of relief workers constructed a new model-boat house at the Conservatory Water"[1]. But the one in the photo is not the New Deal one; the same book says "In the 1950s other donations replaced old wooden boathouse at 72nd Street, the frame model boathouse at the Conservatory Water, and the burned-out Carousel with the new brick Loeb and Kerbs boathouses and the Friedsam Carousel[1,p.485]. This is confirmed by the Central Park Conservancy[2].

Model Boathouse about 1900
Early 1900s with Temple Beth-El
Model Boathouse about 1900
After 1947 - no Temple Beth-El
The Model Boathouse is at 74th Street on The Lake and the Loeb Boathouse is at 75th Street on the Conservancy Water. According to the Central Park Conservancy[3] the original Lake Boathouse was built in 1874 from a design by Calvert Vaux, but was torn down and replaced by the Loeb boathouse in the 1950s. Meanwhile old photos (left) from the Central Park Model Yacht Club[4] show a very small building, built somewhere between 1896 and 1916[5], on the exact site where the present Kerbs Boathouse stands, that was still standing after 1947 (when Temple Beth-El was demolished, and well after the New Deal), which seems to contradict reference [1].

Apparently Reference 2, which says the boathouse was built in 1954, is correct; this is confirmed by References 6 and 7. So the Model Boathouse is not a New Deal project after all.

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