NYC New Deal Ships - Photo #1

Photo: US Navy

The Light Cruiser USS Brooklyn CL40

The USS Brooklyn was built in the New York Navy Yard (commonly known as the Brooklyn Navy Yard) between 1933 and 1936. It started out as as PWA project, but at the last minute its funding with swapped with another ship at a shipyard in Massachusetts. Nevertheless, it is a member of a new class of cruisers that the PWA funding introduced. Furthermore, since Brooklyn Navy Yard was heavily staffed by WPA workers who had overhauled virtually every aspect of the Navy yard, the Brooklyn was definitely constructed with "New Deal assistance". (See notes in main NYC New Deal Ships page).

In the runup to WWII, the Brooklyn was a convoy escort in the U-boat infested North Atlantic, and continued in this role until October 1942, then saw action in the Mediterranean, including engagements with French and Italian warships, was awarded four battle stars. The then-controversial comedian Lenny Bruce was crew member 1942-44. The Brooklyn was transferred to the Chilean navy in 1941 and renamed the O'Higgens, and served for another 40 years [Wikipedia].

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