Highbridge Parks, Pool, and Play Center - Photo #1 - Highbridge Park in the Bronx

The entrance to Highbridge Park in the Bronx, on University Avenue near West 170th Street. New York City acquired this property in 1837 in conjunction with the construction of the Old Croton Aqueduct; in 1937, the property became parkland when it was transferred from the Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity to the Parks Department[1]. The park was constructed by the WPA and opened April 26, 1940[2].
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  2. Press Release of 27 April 1940, New York City Parks Department: "The Department of Parks announces the opening of a small park on the west side of University Avenue opposite West 170 Street, The Bronx. It has been developed as a sitting park with numerous benches and landscaped with shade trees. There is also a sand pit in which small children may dig and play. The design was prepared by the Park Department and the work performed by the Work Projects Administration.