Highbridge Parks, Pool, and Play Center - Photo #21 - Highbridge Park playground

Photo: Google Satellite View

Highbridge Park, Manhattan, playground at 189th Street and Amsterdam Avenue[1], one of seven marginal playgrounds built in Highbridge Park (Manhattan) by the WPA[1,2].

  1. Press Release of 12 August 1935, pp.3-4: "The Park Department has planned 110 playgrounds with relief funds furnished by the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration and they will be constructed with relief forces supplied by the Works Progress Administration" ... the list of playgrounds and scheduled openings includes "January 1936: Highbridge Park Playground, Amsterdam Avenue and W. 189th St."
  2. NYC Parks Dept press release of December 1, 1941: "The projects are being constructed by the Work Projects Administration from plans prepared by the Department of Parks."