Hillside Homes Bronx - Photo #2

Photo from New York Times article on the opening of Hillside Homes[1]: "The Hillside Homes, the largest PWA Project in East, covering five blocks on the west side of the Boston Post Road from Eastchester to Wilson Avenue ... were formally opened yesterday (June 29) by Governor Lehman and representatives of the Federal, State, city and borough governments." Speakers said, to a cheering crowd of 5000, that the homes "marked the end of slums and unsanitary living conditions in the city". Paid for by a $5M PWA loan... "no matter how high rents may soar in other sections of the city, the rents in this project will never exceed the present rate of $11 per room." Besides Gov. Lehman, speakers included Dwight L. Hoopingarner and Charles Pynchon of the PWA. "Hillside Homes will eventually accommodate 1416 families. It is already occupied by 177 families and more are moving in at the rate of twelve a day. The land on which the project is built includes fourteen acres, five of which are covered by 108 four-story walk-up buildings and four six-story elevator structures, while the remaining nine are devoted to grdens, parks, playgrounds, terraces, and wading pools."
  1. "Governor Opens Hillside Homes - Ceremonies at Huge PWA Project on Boston Road Attract Throng of 5,000", New York Times, Sunday, June 30, 1935, pp.75,81.