Kingsbridge Heights Bronx - Photo #2 - Jerome Park Reservoir

Jerome Park Reservoir in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx, NY, from Google Maps with notations added in Mercurochrome color. Some parks and playgrounds are found along northern, western, and southern edges of the Reservoir. The eastern edge is home to Lehman College, Harris Field, the Bronx High School of Science, and DeWitt Clinton High School. All of these items have New Deal connections except Bronx Science. The Reservoir's gate houses (at least three of them) are New Deal projects and the Reservoir itself was worked on by the WPA. Lehman College campus is New Deal, as is Harris Field. DeWitt Clinton High School contains WPA murals. Bailey Playground in the upper left is also a New Deal creation. The parks and playgrounds along the southwestern edge are a focus of this gallery. One of them (Strong Street Playground) is unambiguously a New Deal production. As for Old Fort Four Park and continuous stretch of parkland that connects it with the Strong Street Playground, the New Deal connection is not as explicit and requires some digging.

Washington's Walk is a term that refers to the stretch of Reservoir Avenue between West 231st Street and Strong Street, and includes Fort 4 Park, the Fort 4 monument, the Strong Street Playground, and a stretch of landscaped parkland between them that includes two overlooks, one of them directly on top of the Fort 4 monument. The term “Fort 4” (or Fort Four, or Fort No.4, or Old Fort Four) alludes to the fact that General Washington built a fort on the site during the American Revolution. The term Wahington's Walk is not used 1934-43 and is not found in the NYC Parks Department archives from the period.

Fort Independence Park, at the top of the map, site of another of Washington's forts, dates from 1915 and apparently has no New Deal connection.