NYC New Deal medallion

Progress: An 84-year-old wrong righted

August 2020... From 1934 to 1943, FDR's New Deal was responsible for at least 1000 tangible creations in New York City ranging from buildings, bridges, and tunnels to parks and playgrounds to works of art; many of these are shown below. But in contrast to every other part of the USA, almost none of New York City's New Deal creations are identified by New Deal plaques, cornerstones, or other markers for reasons explained here. Since 2013, New Yorkers affiliated with the Living New Deal project at the University of California at Berkeley have been working to have the missing markers mounted, and have just achieved their first success with NYC's eleven massive WPA public swimming pools built in 1936. With the cooperation of the NYC Parks Department, medallions like the one shown are being mounted at all eleven of these pools. Hopefully the same medallions will also find their way to other New Deal Parks Department projects, and ultimately to non-Parks projects as well: the many New Deal bridges, tunnels, highways, government buildings, and schools throughout our city, scaled as necessary (e.g. larger for, say, bridges). See story at Living New Deal. See the medallion at Jackie Robinson Pool and Play Center.