New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #4 - Albuquerque: Former High School

Albuquerque NM 16 June 2019: The old Albuquerque High School Gymnasium, 300 Tijeras Avenue NE, built in 1938 with PWA funding[1,2] and WPA labor[3]. Now houses condominium loft apartments[4].
  1. High School Gymnasium Plans Are Completed, Albuquerque Journal, 10 June 1936, p.10: "Plans and specifications for the new gymnasium building at the High School were approved Tuesday night bye the city school board. They will now be submitted to the PWA office at Santa Fe for approval and that office will set the date for advertising for bids. The gymnasium building, also housing the music department and cafeteria, will be located at Broadway and Tijeras. It will extend an entire block along Tijeras Avenue."
  2. Bond Vote on School Buildings ... PWA Grant Approved, Albuquerque Journal, 27 September 1935, p.4: "... A building at the High School to house boys' gymnasium, girls' gymnasium, study room, music room, cafeteria and kitchen, with a gymnasium balcony seating 400, and temporary floor seats for 660 additional; cost, $218.700."
  3. Kathryn A. Flynn, Public Art and Architecture in New Mexico 1933-1943: A guide to the New Deal Legacy, Sunstone Press (2012), p.32.
  4. Historic Albuquerque High School Lofts, New Mexico Architectural Foundation website, accessed 8 July 2019.