New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #8 - Albuquerque: Former High School

Albuquerque NM 16 June 2019: The old Albuquerque High School Classroom Building, 100 Broadway Boulevard NE, originally called the Administration Building. Built by New Deal PWA and WPA 1935. Now houses condominium loft apartments.
  1. Open Bids Today on High School Building in $500,000 Project, Albuquerque Journal, 6 March 1936, p.1: "Bids will be opened Friday afternoon... bye the city board for construction of the high school class room building, one of three buildings in a $500,000 PWA school building project here."
  2. Plans Approved for High School Class Room Building, Albuquerque Journal, 15 January 1936, p.2: "Plans and specifications for the new High School building, containing 19 class rooms and office space, were approved Tuesday night by the the board of education. The plans were sent to the Public Works Administration and if approved, bids will be asked for at once. The building is one of three to be erected under a grant and loan from the PWA."
  3. Lembke's Bid Low on School, Albuquerque Journal, 7 March 1936, p.1: "Lembke Construction Company of Albuquerque was the lowest of five bidders on the general contract for the high school class room building ... The building is one of three to be erected under a half million dollar PWA project."
  4. High School Class Room Building Contracts Awarded, Albuquerque Journal, 17 March 1936, p.9: "The City Board of Education Monday obtained final PWA approval on bids on the High School class room building and awarded the contracts. Charles Lembke obtained the general contract at a price of the $106,350, the lowest of five bidders."
  5. High School Gymnasium Plans Are Completed, Albuquerque Journal, 10 June 1936, p.10: "... The 20-classroom building now under way on Broadway is also a PWA project."
  6. Public to See New High School Buildings Feb 5, Albuquerque Journal, 18 January 1939, p.2: "The public will be invited to visit the new high school gymnasium and class room building at an open house the afternoon of Feb 5, the sity school board announced Tuesday. The two new structures are now in full use, the cafeteria in the gymnasium building having been put in operation recently. The two structures were built with assistance of WPA."
  7. Kathryn A. Flynn, Public Art and Architecture in New Mexico 1933-1943: A guide to the New Deal Legacy, Sunstone Press (2012), p.32.
  8. Historic Albuquerque High School Lofts, New Mexico Architectural Foundation website, accessed 8 July 2019.