New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #92 - Jémez Springs: Battleship Rock

Jémez National Recreation Area NM 27 June 2019: Battleship Rock Picnic Site. CCC shelter and grill with Battleship Rock in the backround. "Battleship Picnic Ground and Paliza Family Campground were former CCC camps, and currently contain facilities constructed by the CCC... Battleship Rock - this picnic area has 37 picnic units available for use ... The original facilities (tables, grills, shelter, and trail) were constructed in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The area was rehabilitated in 1959, and in 1979, the parking areas and the road entrance were paved."[2]
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  2. Jemez National Recreation Area Report (untitled, undated PDF document), US Department of Agriculture Forest Service website, accessed 16 July 2019. Forest ranger on site confirmed CCC lineage.