New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #250 - CCC Roads NM 4 and NM 126

Jemez Mountains NM 27 June 2019: New Mexico State Route 4 junction with 126, both of them CCC-built roads[1,2].
  1. Jemez National Recreation Area Report (untitled, undated PDF document), US Department of Agriculture Forest Service website, p.29, accessed 16 July 2019: "State Highway 4 was constructed from Jemez Springs to Los Alamos by the CCC. Some rock masonry work can still be found in the headwalls of long abandoned drainages, and is also present on Forest Roads 10 and 269."
  2. FH-12, New Mexico Highway 126 (NM-126), Cuba-La Cueva Road, Improvement: Environmental Impact Statement, Volume 1 (2001), p.79: "One of the major CCC projects in the Jemez Mountains was the building of a road from Los Alamos to Cuba that began in 1935 (Boyd 1938). This became NM 126."