New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #19 - Albuquerque Little Theatre

Albuquerque Little Theater, original fašade: "The front of the building was designed to have a sort of shallow porch. The upper walls of this recessed area were decorated with a fresco painting by Dorothy Stewart[1] of Santa Fe. She was assisted by Samuel Moreno, a Mexican artist then in Albuquerque. The painting covers 900 square feet of plaster, and, to quote the legend inscribed below, it depicts a Battle Scene between the Moors and Christians in the Drama of Los Moros."[2]. The mural was destroyed during a renovation [presumably the erection of the new fašade] "some years ago"[3]. The balconied window on the right is also seen in the 2014 image, indicating the original building still exists.
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