Randall's Island - Photo #27 - Triborough Bridge

Google Maps street view, 30 November 2020
Triborough Bridge map
Triborough Bridge map;
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Randall's Island, with the Triborough Bridge (now RFK) to Queens curving off the the left. The elevated structure is still part of the Bridge and its name is shown as Triborough Bridge or Robert F Kennedy Bridge on maps. The bridge goes from Queens over Randall's Island, where it it forks, with one fork to 125th Street in Manhattan and the other the South Bronx, as shown on the inset map, and also in this aerial photo. highlighted in light magenta (click to enlarge). The small map doesn't show the name, but if you go to Google and zoom in you can see it. The following photos show more views of the this part of the bridge as seen from Randall's Island ground level.