Riverside Park New Deal Sites - Photo #135 - The Henry Hudson Parkway

Henry Hudson Parkway, where it begins at 72nd Street on Manhattan's west side, July 23, 2015.

In tracking down New Deal projects in New York City, the chief obstacle is that Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, who was in charge of most of them, was often disinclined to give credit to FDR and the federal government for anything, and frequently failed to mention where the money or the workers for any given project really came from, or disguised New Deal funding through complicated schemes involving bond issues that make it look like his projects were funded by "investors" and "the market" when in reality the bonds were often sold to New Deal agencies such the PWA or the RFC since, after all, this was the Depression and "investors" didn't have money.

The Henry Hudson Parkway runs along the Hudson River from West 72nd Street to the Bronx-Westchester border and includes the Henry Hudson Bridge that connects Manhattan with the Bronx. The Parkway was part and parcel of the West Side Improvement project of 1934-37; the Parkway and the Park were financed and built together, as noted here. In brief, about 62% of the West Side Improvement funding was federal, 34% state and city, and only 4% private, and Moses had tens of thousands of work-relief laborers on hand for construction[4].


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