New York City New Deal Schools - Photo #16 - New Deal Schools in the Bronx

Jane Adams High School, originally the Bronx Industrial High School for Girls, built by the US Public Works Administration (PWA), opened in 1937. More recently called the Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers. Like all big Bronx high schools, it was under attack for years. In brief: Bronx demographics have changed over the past decades with students becoming less affluent and less white, which causes funding to go down when it should go up (if you believe the function of public schools is to give everybody an adequate education). So if the schools are "failing" there's your reason. Once a school gets the "failing" brand, it it is punished in such a way that it can only fail more, and then pieces are taken away from it and given to charters, thus reducing its resources still more when they should be expanded, and eventually the school is closed and the building is rebranded as a "campus" in which only the charters remain. This is what happened to Jane Addams, which is now a shell housing the New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science II, and The School for Tourism and Hospitality. Image: Google Maps.
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