New York City New Deal Schools - Photo #1 - New Deal Schools in the Bronx

J.H.S. 80 Isobel Rooney Middle School, Bronx NY on Mosholu Parkway North at Van Cortlandt Avenue East, April 2014. PWA funds allocated 1934-36, opened in 1936 or soon afterwards[1,2]. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Penny Marshall, and Rob Reiner went here. This school, like most others in NYC in the era of "education reform", has been broken up into mini-schools, most or all of them probably charters. The name of the school was changed in 2012 to "Norwood Academy for Communal Excellence at the Isobel Rooney Campus", to the disgust of most parents and neighborhood residents[3]. Despite all attempts to shut it down[4,5] it's still going as a school in some form (I know because I live two blocks away). Photo: Frank da Cruz.
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