New York City New Deal Schools - Photo #19 - New Deal Schools in the Bronx

Walton High School at Reservoir Avenue and West 195th Street in the Bronx, April 2014. Built in 1931-32, which was prior to the federal New Deal but during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration as New York State Governor, during which he created massive work relief programs as an answer to the Great Depression. Among the work-relief projects was the Hunter College campus directly adjacent to Walton; it's hard to imagine that they were totally separate and unrelated. In any case we are counting public works built by relief workers in New York State during FDR's administration as New Deal sites; until evidence is uncovered to prove the presence or absence or relief labor in its construction, Walton High School is a candidate. Anyway, it's in good company with Hunter/Lehman campus on one side and P.S. 86 (a verified federal New Deal project) on the other.

By the way, Walton High School was built from the same blueprints as Bayside, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Grover Cleveland high schools; Bayside and Andrew Jackson are Federal New Deal constructions. Famous Walton alumnae include Penny Marshall, Bella Abzug, and Shari Lewis. Walton was closed in 2008; the building now houses a bunch of charter and/or mini-schools: Discovery High School; Kingsbridge International; Celia Cruz High School for Music; International School of Liberal Arts; and the High School for Teaching and the Professions. Photo: Frank da Cruz.

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