Working New Deal - Photo #14 - The New Deal Lives On

In Crotona Park, this Viking-like amphitheater was built in 2009: "The $2.3 million Croton-funded stone amphitheater is situated adjacent to the new stream and bridge and oriented north east towards the lake and boathouse to optimize performance viewing. This informal, natural outdoor performance space fits seamlessly into the hillside, using materials that compliment the adjacent rock outcroppings. The amphitheater itself is made of stone from Champlain Quarry in Clemens, New York. Adjacent amenities include drinking fountains, seating, and a nearby comfort station in the Boathouse. Easy access for pedestrians and vehicles is provided via the adjacent 12-foot wide pathway connecting to Claremont Parkway." Clearly, none of this work would have been done, nor the workers paid, if the WPA had not converted Crotona park from a virtual desert (complete with dust storms) into the beautiful park it is has been since 1941. The famous WPA designed-and-built boathouse can be seen in the distance. Photo from June 2014.