Working New Deal - Photo #29 - The New Deal Lives On

Tavern On The Green, a world-famous and very large restaurant in Central Park, owes its existence to the New Deal, which converted a sheep barn into the restaurant we have today in 1934 by "relief workers"; that is, unemployed people hired by the Federal Works Administration (C.W.A.) and later transitioned to the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration (T.E.R.A.), which was 50% federal and 50% state and local, to provide the design, engineering, and labor under the supervision of the New York City Department of Parks, headed by Commissioner Robert Moses. The restaurant has been functioning almost continuously since 1934, employing a large number of people. At any given time I'd estimate that 100 people work there and these jobs would not exist if the Federal Government had not paid to create the jobs necessary to create this restaurant out of a sheep barn.