The Unicomp Linux keyboard

Unicomp Linux keyboard The Unicomp Linux keyboard, which I bought in 2005. The IBM PC (and especially the PC/AT) were renowned for the quality of their keyboards. When IBM stopped making PCs, their keyboard people went off and formed their own company, Unicomp, to sell the high quality keyboards that the IBM PCs were famed for. This one has a PS/2 cable (which shows how old it is) but PS/2-USB adapters like the one shown are readily available. Note the placement of the Ctrl and Esc keys. This is where they were on terminals in the pre-PC days. Touch typists who work in text-based environments need these keys to be where they can reach them!

Unicomp still makes and sells solid clicky keyboards like this but I'm not sure if they still have Ctrl and Esc as shown here.